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Flexible broadband for savvy renters

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Did you know?

We work with the biggest broadband providers in the industry, ensuring we can offer you the most
choice and the best value for your new address.

Frequently asked questions

Openreach is set to retire the technology supporting landline telephones in the UK, with a phased rollout starting in 2023 and full decommissioning stated for 2025. This transition comes in response to the growing prevalence of mobile phone usage and internet-based video calling, leading to a decline in traditional phone line usage.

Simultaneously, Openreach is channelling investments into cutting-edge broadband systems and connections harnessing the latest in fibre optic technology. This advanced infrastructure eliminates the need for the aging copper-wire landline network.

These transformative shifts in phone and broadband technology will impact all broadband service providers, not limited to just Home Telecom. The great news for our customers opting for the Fibre package is that there’s no requirement for a traditional phone line. This means you’re future-proofed, plus you won’t have to shoulder the costs of line rental or a phone service that goes unused.

Fibre represents a broadband-exclusive package, harnessing a fresh type of connection that eliminates the need for a phone line service.

It’s a streamlined package designed to ensure your seamless connectivity. What makes it even more appealing is that you receive your optimum available speeds, all neatly bundled into a single, uncomplicated pricing structure.

Similarly, Full Fibre is also a broadband-only offering, obviating the necessity for a phone line service. This package leverages the latest in fiber technology, establishing a direct connection to your residence. While Full Fibre might not yet be accessible in every location, the bright side is that when you subscribe to a Fibre package, you’ll have a hassle-free path to transition to Full Fibre once it becomes available in your area.

Completely free from the constraints of a landline, which translates to zero line rental expenses.

Thanks to innovative technology, there’s no necessity for a traditional phone line during the setup process. As a result:

  1. Your home phone number will be discontinued, and your home phone service will cease to function.
  2. The ability to make or receive calls, including emergency calls, will no longer be available.
  3. Services such as personal alarms and any other linked to your home phone will no longer be operational.

For those who rely on their home phone line service, fret not. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll provide guidance on alternative digital phone options that may be at your disposal. Contact us at 01403 216 133 for assistance.

At Home Telecom, we are dedicated to serving as tenancy experts, streamlining the process of bringing broadband services to your new address.

We recognize the individuality of each tenancy, which is why we design broadband packages and agreements that align with your specific lease duration. Whether you’re establishing a long-term residence or opting for a temporary stay, we’ve got your connectivity needs covered with a tailored solution.

Our mission is to guarantee a hassle-free transition, enabling you to maintain seamless connectivity regardless of where your journey leads.

While our products may appear to be priced higher than those offered by other providers in the industry, we take pride in our commitment to transparency.

Unlike many of our competitors, when you initially examine their product offerings, you might not receive an accurate representation of the actual costs involved. In fact, in roughly 9 out of 10 cases where individuals are looking to switch to or subscribe to a new broadband service, they often find themselves needing a new broadband line installation in their homes to facilitate the connection. The unique advantage of our service is that we make it clear from the outset, ensuring our customers are well-informed about the full price they will pay.